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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the lender?

Established in 2005, GoEd Student Financing Ltd is governed by the Hong Kong Money Lender Ordinance. We offer competitive as well as customized loans to international students.

2. Do I need collateral?

No, you do not need collateral, but your ability to repay is assessed by the GoEd Student Financing application process prior to finally confirming your loan.

3. Do I need a co-signer?

Yes, a co-signer is required to apply for a student loan.

4. How does it compare to loans in my country?

This depends on the country you are in. Some countries have subsidized student loans which include study abroad or international programs.

5. Will I make enough money to pay it back?

GoEd Student Financing cannot guarantee any future earnings potential as a result of your educational program, but GoEd makes a careful analysis of each student’s ability to repay before granting the loan.

6. Can I refinance later?

Yes, if you want to repay the loan with the help from another loan institution, this is possible. There is no early termination penalty.

7. Is the interest tax deductible?

This depends on your future tax residency.

8. On what criteria does GoEd judge my application?

Every student must fulfill the minimum requirements, and subsequently each application is judged on its merits and a repayment analysis.

9. Can I pay it off sooner without accruing the interest?

You are welcome to repay the loan amount in full or in part, at any time after giving written notice to GoEd. In the event of full repayment of the loan, all accrued but unpaid interest at the date of repayment shall be paid. There will be no extra charge for repayments at an accelerated rate.

10. What happens if I'm late with my payments?

In the event that the monthly payment is not made when due, there will be a late payment fee of USD$50 / GBP£30 in addition to a monthly interest penalty of 1% on the amount of such late payment.

11. Who is my contact person at GoEd?

You will be provided personal contact details once your loan has been approved.

12. Why should I take a loan at GoEd?

GoEd Student Financing has extensive experience developing student loans; the loans are specifically suited to the needs of international students so that they can feel confident when studying abroad. We offer a simple and reliable financial coverage and have exceptional knowledge about the type of loan and repayment conditions international students need.